Pa​w​s ​M​a​h​al

Training Pets and Their People

Welcome to our pack!

Paws Mahal, LLC

Paws Mahal is a family owned and operated facility. 


We have gathered a staff of uniquely trained and exceptionally experienced dog owners/trainers & handlers, with well over 50 years of combined experience. 

"Paws" offers a range of specialized services in:

- Dog training & behavior modification

- Boarding

- Daycare 

- Bathing services and more.  

We serve Central Arkansas with dog daycare, play and training to improve your companion's behavior toward other dogs and people.  Our services are specialized to enhance and improve the serious dog owner's relationship with their dog and their ability to train and manage them well.

Meet the "Paws" team!

Carol Culpepper

& Rucca and Sarabi

Carol, a Marine Corps brat, grew up in Beaufort, South Carolina with her family.

She enjoys her work here at “Paws” because “when you help someone’s relationship with their dog, you are actually helping the human most. Dogs help humans way beyond the surface. They are so valuable to people.”

Carol is the owner and veteran trainer at Paws Mahal. She specializes in behavior modification and conducts the on and offsite consultations. 

Carol enjoys reading, studying, walking and swimming.

Hannah Howard 

& Aloy and Queso

Hannah is from Hilliard, Florida

"I like working with and learning about all types of dog breeds. They differ so much, and I love a good challenge!"

At "Paws" Hannah runs operations and can be found at the front desk in the mornings.

Her hobbies include, hiking, fitness, crafting and DIY projects.

Seth Howard

“I grew up with all kinds of dogs, ranging from Grate Danes to Basset Hounds- Dogs have always been a part of my life”.

Seth is Paws Mahal's in house trainer. When he is not conducting private training sessions, he supervises the play yard, encouraging manners and polite play.

“My favorite part of my job is seeing the change in the pups I train; Seeing the better version of them. It's truly rewarding.”

Seth enjoys nature, hiking, wood working, fitness, music and playing stringed instruments.

Caitlin Killinger

& Fergus

“I grew up on a farm outside a small town in Oregon called Halsey. We had everything from hunting hounds to Quarter Horses.”

Caitlin works the front desk scheduling clients, answering phones and service inquiries.

"I really enjoy interacting with clients and their pups. It's rewarding to see the relationship bloom when customers are actively teaching and engaging with their dogs on an academic level." 

Her hobbies include horseback riding, hiking, camping, travel, and cuisine.

Jordan Johnson

& Beth

Jordan and her family are from our very own Sherwood, Arkansas, where they have a Mini Doxie breeding business.

“Dogs always have a good attitude; their happiness is contagious.”

“My favorite part about working for Paws is getting to know each of the pup’s personalities.”

Jordan enjoys hiking and the outdoors, knitting and cooking.

Isaiah Brown 

& Ziv

Isaiah Grew up in Atlanta, GA where his family had Retrievers, Boxers, and Shepherds.

“I have always been a dog person.”

When Isaiah isn’t at Paws bathing, feeding, exercising, and otherwise caring for the facilities pups, he enjoys hobbies like skateboarding and writing poetry.

Robert Shaub

& Brinlee, Scooby & Cash

Robert is a Montanan transplant and just recently moved to the Conway area. 

"I was raised with dogs all my life and love working with them."

"I like working at Paws because I love the dogs, and the staff is great!"

Robert's hobbies include watching Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Racing. He also loves to be outdoors.

Ashlie Burry

& Lacey, Willow, & Charlie

Ashlie is from Cabot Arkansas and has been working in the canine industry for the past decade.  

"I love working with the animals at Paws, and the staff is great. Seeing all of these happy pups everyday makes for the best day!"

Ashlie enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and riding four wheelers but also has a cosmetology license and loves to do hair and makeup!