Pa​w​s ​M​a​h​al

Training Pets and Their People

Training Philosophy

We build the bridge from human to dog by carefully breaking down dog psychology to dog owners for practical everyday use.  

Many canines were bred to be active and to perform tasks. As a result, several undesired behaviors can stem from inadequate physical exercise. Overstimulation can also cause behavior issues such as anxiety and restlessness. To combat these issues, we have a  systematic regimen in place to effectively exercise your dog's body and mind.  Our schedule consists of  play sessions, private training, and quiet time rotated throughout the day. This rotation allows our pups to exert physical energy, practice specified training, and then nap time to decompress as well as reduce stimulation before the process repeats.

Paws Mahal training includes:

  • Proper play to stop biting, nipping, or jumping.
  • Impulse Control to curb bolting and running away.
  • Leash Manners to teach control in public places​.
  • Cue work (obedience) commands to use when calming your pup.
  • Benevolent Leadership ​so the pup will listen and respond to commands.
  • Polite Manners to safely greet humans and other dogs.
  • Potty training and more.   

Daycare and Train 

Have your dog trained while at daycare! These canine students enjoy the play time of daycare and the one-on-one training sessions that focus on Leash and Obedience Training.  Daycare and Train prices vary according to need and behavior goals.  

$55 - $85 per day 

Board and Train

Your pet is kept overnight for a duration while trainers work on anxious or aggressive behavior. We customize all of our training packages to your pet and your training goals. At least two weeks are recommended for board and train reservations. Board and train prices vary according to need.

 $70-$140 a night .   



A 10 day package that includes 2 one-on-one consultations with the trainer and is designed specifically for young puppies. 

Potty training, polite greetings, intro to leash training, sit, impulse control, crate training, socialization, and safe pack play are all taught in this two week course.

 Homework can be given to dog owners daily. These are 10 min sessions that you can do at home to practice the same training techniques used during your dog's sessions. Owners practicing and implementing the training techniques is the best way to encourage progress and good behavior after the course is completed.


Private Training Consultations

in-home or at Paws Mahal

Our founder and veteran trainer will work with you and your pup in a private session. She will determine causation of the bad behavior and help you to comprehend your dog's perspective. Calm and patient intervention will encourage and promote your dog to display the behavior desired. She can help to teach you and your dog to communicate effectively and gain better obedience.

Initial Consult $105 - $140 (*dependent on travel distance*)

Follow up sessions $65-$100*

Ready to get started?!

Due to the diverse nature of training needs, you will be unable to request training through our website. If you would like to schedule your pup for training sessions or want to discuss training processes, please call our office! 


Financing is available!

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